Super Vip Page


Our charges are;

USD $20 per month (14days) for international subscribers & 5000 2weeks (14days) for Nigerian subscribers.


We Offer THE BEST 5 -10 ODDS Daily In Our VIP SECTION. 

So for Instance if we start Trading with #1000.  We will use 5 ODDS for our Examples

Let's Calculate how Our profit will be

Day 1.  #$10 x 5 ODDS= #$50

Day 2.  #$10 x 5 ODDS= #$50

Day 3.  #$10 x 5 ODDS= #$50

In three days we have made a profit of #$120 . In Seven days lets say we lost 1 or 2 of our tickets which we sincerely know it's very hard to happen in the VIP SECTION 

We will still have #$180  profit for that week. The Most Important

We are using a telegram messenger application to convey our tips to all our VIP members. The first step to start with, is to download a telegram messenger. To do this, go to your Play store/App store/Goggle play and search for a telegram messenger and download But if you already have the telegram messenger installed then you are ready to go.